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Traffic shaping cisco

Got a question on traffic shaping. Have a couple high speed frame pipes going into data center/server farm locations. Speeds are 9.264MBPS at datacenter, 6.176MBPS going into primary server farm, and 4.632MBPS going into a less-used server location. Remote sites are running from 128K to 1.544Meg.

To increase efficiency and reduce risk of a breach, our SecOps products are driven by good data, deep analytics, and end-to-end automation. 8x faster incident investigations. 44% lower cost. 95% reduction in alerts.

This specifies which VLAN to use for the traffic entering that switch port. For some switches this is a one step process, by configuring the port as an access port on a particular VLAN, it automatically tags traffic coming in on that port. Other switches require this to be configured in one or two places.

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Sandvine provides over 95% traffic visibility by user, application, network, device, demographic, location, and other parameters – the best in the industry. This helps our customers analyze, optimize, and monetize applications to deliver exceptional consumer and enterprise experiences.

Oct 15, 2021 · Cisco now offers a range of all new 400G Digital Coherent QSFP-DD transceivers. Cisco already offers a range of Digital Coherent CFP2 transceivers capable of supporting up to a 200-Gbps wavelength. Thanks to the miniaturization of the technology with a 7-nm manufacturing procedure and innovation in silicon photonic technology, it is now possible to squeeze a 400G-capable Digital Coherent WDM ....

3560 shaping. Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Trollmann, Apr 7, 2006. Trollmann Guest. We have a lot of 3550 switches, and we use these for customer access ... frame relay traffic shaping drops pvc occasionally under light load... traffic shaping with catalyst 3750. Frame Relay Traffic shaping, adaptive shaping.

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